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A computer network assessment will help you begin a cybersecurity plan to mitigate the largest risks to your business. Most experts recommend that businesses start by having a strategic approach to cybersecurity. This strategic approach should include plans to secure existing systems and keep your business secure going forward.

A comprehensive cybersecurity plan needs to focus on three key areas:

  • Prevention: Solutions, policies and procedures need to be identified to reduce the risk of attacks. 
  • Resolution: In the event of a computer security breach, plans and procedures need to be in place to determine the resources that will be used to remedy a threat.
  • Restitution: Companies need to be prepared to address the repercussions of a security threat with their employees and customers to ensure that any loss of trust or business is minimal and short-lived. 

Who Can Help
Your best sources of guidance are your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and software providers. Many ISPs have services devoted to their business customers. Explore what’s available from them and how they can help. The provider of your security and other software can also be of assistance and may have special services for small businesses.

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